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Around the Web: Bake Like Emily Dickinson, Arthur Conan Doyle's Room in Toronto, Spoken Word and

It’s the end of the week again! Time to share some bookish content from around the web. This week, I’ve got a book list, some recipes to help you cook like Emily Dickinson, a look at Toronto Reference Library’s Arthur Conan Doyle room, and some tips for doing readings.

100 Novels That Shaped Our World

BBC Radio 4 Panel

Image: BBC. The panel are Radio 4 Front Row presenter and Times Literary Supplement editor Stig Abell, broadcaster Mariella Frostrup, authors Juno Dawson, Kit de Waal and Alexander McCall Smith, and Bradford Festival Literary Director Syima Aslam.

BBC surveyed a panel of writers, curators, and critics to create a list of 100 novels that shaped our world. These novels range across genres and have been organized by themes like “identity”, “coming of age,” and “rule breakers.” Check out the full list and be prepared to add some titles to your TBR list.

Bake Like Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson Bake LitHub

Image: LitHub

Today, Emily Dickinson might be best known for her poetry. But in her own time, she may have been more famous for being a baker. LitHub has gathered a number of the poet’s recipes if you want to try your hand a baking like Dickinson.

Toronto’s Arthur Conan Doyle Room

ACD Room 4

Did you know that one of the world’s foremost Arthur Conan Doyle collections is tucked away in the Toronto Reference Library? That’s right, there’s a 221 Baker Street themed room full of Sherlock Holmes collectables and books, stories, and essays by Conan Doyle on the fifth floor of the library. The best part: even though it’s a rare collection, library patrons are allowed to view, touch, and read the materials at their leisure.

Spoken Word Practises for the Lit Scene

Woman performing

And for a longer read, I have the latest Open Book column from writer, editor, and reading series curator, Natasha Ramoutar. Ramoutar discusses what she’s learned from spoken word poets and gives tips for authors preparing for readings.

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