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Welcome to the Teachers & Librarians page!


Here you will find our book trailers, author interviews and book introductions, plus downloadable teaching guides. These guides are meant to assist teachers, librarians and parents to extend students' learning beyond the pages of the book, to engage them in critical thinking, interactive activities and creative problem-solving.

The Math Kids

The Math Kids is a math adventure series for middle-grade readers by David Cole.

Each book offers new challenges and explores different mathematical concepts, making the series both educational and fun!

The Adventures of Grandmasaurus

Half Grandma. Half dinosaur. All mischief!

Grandma makes field trips anything but boring. Every time she sneezes, she turns into a different dinosaur.

It's up to her grandkids (and readers), to find and identify Grandmasaurus before the field trip ends!

The Girl from the Attic

When a mysterious black cat leads Maddy Rose to a portal to the past, she sets out to help farm boy Clare save his sister from a deadly illness. But by spending time in the past, Maddy risks the relationships in her own time.


This stand-alone middle grade novel offers insight into friends, family, and rural history. 

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