About Common Deer Press

Common Deer Press is on a mission to find and publish extraordinary and enduring books for children and teens. Books that change lives. Books that build bridges, connect cultures, transcend differences and, by showing the humanity in others, open hearts. We believe that when you captivate a child with books, worlds of possibilities open up to them. Books widen the aperture of what a child’s life can become. 


Throughout our publishing endeavours, we strive to be excellent partners to our authors, distributors, and suppliers; helpful guides to parents, educators, and librarians; and caring allies to the literary community.


Kirsten Marion
Publisher & Acquiring Editor

Kirsten is a CPA with over twenty-seven years in senior management positions. aside from her publishing and editorial activities with Common Deer Press, she has a private practice as a coach + mentor to writers. 

She is a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, has a B.A (English Lit.), and an M.Sc. in Organizational Psychology.

Emily Stewart

Emily Stewart

Publishing & Editorial

Emily brings eight years of communications experience to Common Deer Press. She handles  copy editing, design, and a handful of other tasks.


She is a graduate of uOttawa’s English Program and NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute. She is a student affiliate of Editors Canada and will soon complete a Certificate in Publishing through Ryerson University.


Dr Anastasia Dukova (TCD)

Director of Development

Anastasia manages our website, social media, fundraising and business development campaigns. She has over a decade navigating funding and publishing industries. Anastasia is a published author in her own right. She is a member of The Pratchett Project.

Professional Associations

Common Deer Press is a member in good standing with the Independent Book Publishers Association.

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