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Around the Web: Libraries, Retreats, and a Festival

Welcome back readers! It’s been pretty busy around here with the release of The Boatman, its blog tour, and preparations for the launch of ARK. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you probably know all about that.

The fun thing about having a job where you need to be on social media regularly is that you find all kinds of cool stuff being shared. Here’s some of the best things we found on the web this week.

Durian vs Melbourne Library

Let’s start with a funny story, shall we? Late last week, hundreds of people were evacuated from a library in Melbourne. The reason: rotting fruit. Yup, some five hundred people were evacuated and firefighters were called to the scene because fruit had been left in a cupboard. But it wasn’t just any fruit, it was a durian, a fruit known for being extremely pungent. Apparently the smell had people worried about a gas leak (the building was known to store harmful chemicals). Still, what a story to tell…

Writing Retreats

We like being busy because it means we have exciting things happening, but after several extra full days one can’t help but day dream about escaping the buzz. If you’re a writer with a day job, you have probably had similar thoughts about going someplace just to focus on your craft. Well, good news: The Write Life shared an updated list of 27 writing residencies to apply for, and some of them sound absolutely delightful. Can’t you just imagine spending the day writing in the mountains or on the coast of France?

T-Shirts for Book Nerds

Warm weather calls for short sleeves! If you need to up for book nerd fashion game, Book Riot has got you covered with a list of 38 book themed t-shirts. There’s quite a range of designs from those with slogans like “I’d rather be reading” to those with just graphics. I’m rather fond of the “book heartbeat” myself.

Grey t=shirt with illustration of three books forming the mid section of a heart beat

Image via justjcollective

Inside the Library of Congress

This one’s a bit older, but it’s too good not to share. If you’ve ever wanted to visit the largest library in the world, but you can’t get to Washington D.C., you’re in luck. This video from TODAY shows NBC’s Harry Smith on a tour of the Library of Congress. Check it out if you want to see some of the archived items and historic documents stored there.

The Festival of Literary Diversity

If you’re going to be in the Greater Toronto Area this weekend, consider heading to Brampton for The Festival of Literary Diversity, which is now celebrating its third year. The Toronto Star recently interviewed founder Jael Richardson about the festival and its growth. It’s a good read for those in the literary community, especially if you’ve ever hosted or participated in literary events.

And if you happen to be attending the FOLD, keep an eye out for yours truly—I’ll be there and would be happy to chat about all things CDP in between soaking up all the wisdom of the authors and panelists.

Otherwise, I'll see you next week!

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