Ask the Author: Michael Seese

Welcome to Ask the Author! In these series published authors will share their experiences with us, allow us a glimpse into their creative processes, and shed some light on the steps that helped them become a published writer. We do hope that emerging authors or writers-in-the-making will find these interviews useful. About the Author: Michael Seese is the author of The Extraordinary Etab of Julian Newcomber, published by Common Deer Press. What do you write about? I have published two fiction books, two nonfiction books, and a boatload of short stories. Plus I write flash fiction. And poetry. And magazine articles. Oh, and songs. Why do you write? I write because the words are in my h

Around the Web: Novelists and Agents, Defining Genres and Personalising Books

Welcome back and happy Friday! If you, like me, are doing NaNoWriMo this year, congratulations for taking on the challenge and making it this far. I hope this can act as a good break between your writing sprints. If you’re not doing NaNo, you still deserve a break. This week, I’ve got: Graphic Novelists And Agents Victoria Ying provides information on how graphic novelists should look for agents, sharing her own experience. Much of this can apply to prose writers as well. What Counts As Science Fiction? Genre debates come up regularly, and they can get heated. But how do we define genres like science fiction? Alexandra Erin discusses this issue for Uncanny Magazine. The Writers Trust Awards

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