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Around the Web: Writing Tips, BookTok, Followers, and a New 1984

Welcome back, readers! This week, I’m sharing some writing tips, some discussion of social media’s influence on book sales, and some news about a new version of 1984.

Writing Tips from a Book Coach

A person with long dark hair writing in bed

Book Coach Jas Rawlinson has helped aspiring writers work toward their publishing goals. She has shared her top three tips for writers with Insider, and you may find them helpful if you’re starting to think of writing resolutions for the new year.

BookTok Driving Sales of Obscure Literary Puzzle

A phone open to the TikTok loading screen

TikTok continues to spark interest in titles beyond new releases, according to LitHub. A viral TikTok about the book Cain’s Jawbone, a book written in 1934 that requires readers to put the pages in the correct order so they can read it chronologically and solve the murders the story contains, has caused a surge in sales. Only three people have ever solved this puzzle, but thanks to TikTok, it looks like a whole lot of others will be attempting it: the publisher sold out and is now preprinting 70,000 new copies!

Followers Don’t Always Mean Book Sales

A phone showing different social media apps

Before that last story gets you thinking that social media is the be all and end all of generating book sales, take a look at this New York Times piece that discusses how social-media fandom doesn’t always mean a new title will sell well.

1984 From Julia’s Perspective

A hand holding George Orwell's 1984

American author Sandra Newman has received permission from George Orwell’s estate to write a feminist retelling of 1984. In Newman’s version, the story will be told from the perspective of Julia, the woman who becomes protagonist Winston Smith’s lover in the original book.

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