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Around the Web: Literary Conspiracy Theories, Old Books, the Book Banning Spike, and Book Art

Hello and welcome back, readers! This week’s bookish content roundup includes a list of literary conspiracy theories, a look at New Brunswick’s oldest books, some news about book banning, and some awesome book art. Read on and enjoy!

Literary Conspiracy Theories

Book Riot has put together a list of weird literary conspiracy theories that includes both theories about authors of famous books and conspiracies within books themselves. Check it out if you’re interested in some bizarre ideas about everything from author secret identities to unnerving plots to take over the world. Just don’t take these theories too seriously!

The Stories of the Oldest Books In New Brunswick

New Brunswick’s provincial archives contain some old books, which not only contain stories through their content and marginalia but also have their own stories as objects—and those stories include controversy. Check out CBC for a look into the archives and into history.

US Libraries Report Spike In Attempts To Ban Books

The American Library Association is reporting a rise in organized attempts to ban books in libraries. The rise seems to be fueled by conservative campaigns and social media. What’s especially troubling is that the books being challenged are often those with LGBTQIA themes or those dealing with racism. The Guardian has more details.

Book Art

And on a lighter note, a 22-year-old art history student has been making waves on TikTok for fore-edge painting. She paints famous scenes on the outer edge of book pages. According to Buzzfeed, she’s done scenes from Lord of the Rings, Dune and more and they are lovely!


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