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Around the Web: The End of 2021

Celebrate the end of the year with this week’s Around the Web! This week, I’m sharing some looks back at 2021 as well some quick thoughts about what’s in store for 2022.

NYPL’s End of Year Literary Quiz

"2021" written on a page sitting in a typewriter

The New York Public Library has put together a 2021 literary quiz to close out the year. Featuring questions on everything from book awards to author deaths, this quiz will test how well you paid attention to literary news this year.

Best Kids’ Books of 2021

A child browses bookshelves

Quill and Quire has spoken with members of the Canadian book community about the best children’s books of the year. Librarians, reviewers, and writers have share their thoughts on their favourite titles in this book list.

Book Trends of 2021

A bunch of books lying open together

A lot has happened in the book world this year, so if you want a recap, I recommend checking out this article on “2021 in Books.” It discusses many of the past year’s literary talking points—from publishing mergers and pushes to diversify literature to book bans and sales trends—and many of these will likely continue to be discussed in the coming year.

Public Domain Books 2022

An open book

A new year means a new batch of creative works enters the public domain, which means the copyright on them has expired. Book Riot has listed some of the notable titles entering public domain, including Winnie-the-Pooh and The Sun Also Rises.

That's it for this one. Happy New Year!


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