Around The Web: Celerity Bookshelves, Humanities and Indie Publishing

Hello again, friends! This week I’ve got more bookshelf content, some thoughts on humanities as essential services, some advice for indie authors, and a look at comics on Instagram. I hope you enjoy! Judging Bookshelves Town & Country recently had a book curator rate celebrities’ bookshelves. Though I don’t really condone judging other people’s taste in books, I do find it fascinating that there’s been so much focus on books as décor thanks to the rise of video calls. Humanities as Essential Services This is a longer read, but I wanted to share Kirsten Ostherr’s look at the importance of humanities in pandemic response. There’s so much focus on STEM response, it’s interesting to consider how

Around The Web: Literary Misconceptions, Trailblazing Women Writers, and Pixar Storytelling

Hello everyone, and welcome back! I hope you’ve had a good week and that you’ll enjoy today’s collection of bookish content from around the internet. Read on for a fun video on literary misconceptions, a look at women writers changing language, an essay on Pixar and storytelling, and some thoughts from a concerned librarian regarding re-opening. Literary Misconceptions Image: Universal Pictures, Wikimedia Commons What do Frankenstein’s assistant, Jane Austen’s anonymity, and Sherlock Holme’s catchphrase have in common? They’re all parts of common literary misconceptions. They’re also all discussed in a misconceptions video from Mental Floss. How Women Writers Changed Language Image: BBC Cult

Around The Web: The Credibility Bookcase, a Collaborative Novel, a Word Challenge and a Book Plan

Hello, world! I’m back again, and this week I’m sharing a video on the credibility bookcase, a collaborative novel, a word challenge, and a look at one author’s book writing plan. The Rise of the Credibility Bookcase Authors, actors, politicians, and more have found themselves on camera for various work- or broadcast-from-home endeavours and have placed themselves in front of what some are calling the credibility bookcase. The New York Times examines this trend, looking at how the bookshelf has played into the aesthetic of credibility during this pandemic. Escape Goat All kinds of creativity have popped up as folks find ways to connect during quarantine, so it's no surprise that collaborativ

Around The Web: Classic Adventure Books, Poetry Phone Line, and an Illustrated Pandemic Diary

It’s time for our weekly round up of web content! This week, I’m sharing some free classic adventure books, a poetry phone number, an illustrated pandemic diary, and some tips for recording family history. Let’s get right into it! Classic Adventures If you’re having trouble accessing new books right now, why not look to some classic adventure stories? Project Gutenberg provides free access to a number of these, and Nerdist has made a handy list. Poetry Phone The folks at Write Bloody North have set up a toll-free phone number to call to hear poems. The number (1-844-926-6784) let’s callers listen to authors Brandon Wint and Lucia Misch read from their upcoming collections. Callers can even l

Around The Web: A Book Cover Challenge, Medieval Ink and Evolution of Quarantine Slang

Welcome back, readers! Another week of self-isolation has passed, and I hope you’re all holding up okay. This week’s bookish distractions include a fun novel title quiz, a look at a book cover challenge, a dive into rediscovering Medieval ink, and a linguist’s collection of quarantine terminology. Name The Title Ever wonder what it would be like if all books were titled in the style of Harry Potter novels? This Mental Floss quiz will give you an idea (and maybe a laugh). My personal favourite is Edward Rochester and the Arsonist Wife. #BookCoverDouble Image @mimicychan Trust New Yorkers to get creative while stuck at home; they’re recreating their favourite book covers and sharing them using

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