Around the Web: the 2010s

Hello, dear readers. This is the last Around the Web post of the year. As such, I thought it would be fair to share some posts that take a look back at the decade in arts and literature. Hope you enjoy, and happy new year! This Decade In Canadian Art CBC has created an impressive timeline of music, film and television, literature, visual art, dance, theatre, and more to celebrate and reflect on the last ten years. It’s a great look at the art highlights of the 2010s and features some thoughtful pieces by a number of Canadian writers. Books That Defined The Decade LitHub rounded up one hundred books that defined the decade. Note, these aren’t the best books of the decade, they’re the ones tha

Around the Web: Words, Sequels and the New Lego Bookshop

Oh, hello there! Looking for some reading material? We’ve got you covered. This week’s round up of bookish content features vocabulary insights from Merriam-Webster and Quirk Books, a look at Lego’s new bookshop set, and a quiz on classics from Mental Floss. Words of the Year Merriam-Webster announced their words of the year—the most searched terms of 2019. At the top of their list is “they.” Searches for “they” increased a whopping 313% this year over the previous year, likely spurred on by growing popularity of “they” as a singular pronoun for gender non-conforming individuals. Much of the rest of the list contains terms that saw spikes in lookups thanks to political events. Bookish Words

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