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Around the Web: the 2010s

Hello, dear readers. This is the last Around the Web post of the year. As such, I thought it would be fair to share some posts that take a look back at the decade in arts and literature.

Hope you enjoy, and happy new year!

This Decade In Canadian Art


CBC has created an impressive timeline of music, film and television, literature, visual art, dance, theatre, and more to celebrate and reflect on the last ten years. It’s a great look at the art highlights of the 2010s and features some thoughtful pieces by a number of Canadian writers.

Books That Defined The Decade


LitHub rounded up one hundred books that defined the decade. Note, these aren’t the best books of the decade, they’re the ones that had particular influence in American culture over the last ten years.

The Decade in YA

'hunger games, illustration'

YA is a rich and varied genre that sparks a lot of conversation. While this Slate piece is a bit negative about the genre, author Laura Miller provides an overview of some of the big (and some of the small) events in YA lit in the 2010s. And if you’re looking for a more positive outlook on the genre, check out Book Riot’s response:

Best Books Of The Decade


And because I couldn’t end this without at least one “best of the decade” list, here’s Esquire’s top picks. According to the Esquire editors, these eleven books “challenged the limits of what literature can do and be.”

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