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Around the Web: Olympic Words, Sylvia Plath, a Library Escape Room, and Writing Conflict

Welcome back to Around the Web, our weekly roundup of book-related content from across the internet. This week, we’ve got Olympic word origins, a story on Sylvia Plath, a plan to turn a library into an escape room, and some tips for writing large, exciting conflicts.

Etymology of Olympic Words

The Olympic Rings

The Olympics have started, so it’s only fitting that Mental Floss has collected a list of Olympic words and their histories. Check it out!

Sylvia Plath’s Possessions At Auction

A table full of books marked "Poetry"

Forbes recently shared that poet Sylvia Plath’s wedding band and other possessions were recently sold at auction. The nearly fifty items brought in more than a million dollars!

Turning a Library into an Escape Room

Full book shelves in a library

The State Library Victoria’s inaugural Alchemy program sought ideas for experiences that would bring the library to life in new, surprising ways. One of the winning proposals was turning the library into an escape room. Check out The Age to meet the man behind the proposal and learn more about it.

Exciting Conflicts

Two men fighting

Large, exciting conflicts can be an important part of a fantasy or sci-fi story, but there can be challenges when scaling up a conflict. Mythcreants outlines some of these challenges and has some tips for making sure your big conflicts stay eventful and engaging.


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