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Around The Web: The Credibility Bookcase, a Collaborative Novel, a Word Challenge and a Book Plan

Hello, world! I’m back again, and this week I’m sharing a video on the credibility bookcase, a collaborative novel, a word challenge, and a look at one author’s book writing plan.

The Rise of the Credibility Bookcase

Long Room, Trinity College Dublin Rare Books Library

Authors, actors, politicians, and more have found themselves on camera for various work- or broadcast-from-home endeavours and have placed themselves in front of what some are calling the credibility bookcase. The New York Times examines this trend, looking at how the bookshelf has played into the aesthetic of credibility during this pandemic.

Escape Goat

Mountain Goat, animal not beer!

All kinds of creativity have popped up as folks find ways to connect during quarantine, so it's no surprise that collaborative writing projects are happening. One such project is a serial lockdown novel called Escape Goat, which is being written chapter by chapter with over forty writers and artists involved. They’ve already got thirty-one chapters if you want to catch up and follow along.

30-Day Word Challenge

Malapropism - word challenge

Social media users may have seen a few 30-day challenges going around. There’s been music challenges, workout challenges, and now, thanks to Merriam-Webster, there’s a word challenge. Participation is simple: just follow the prompts and share appropriate words for each day.

Writer Organization


Author Derek Mascarenhas recently wrote a short piece for Open Book about finding a notebook page that shows his writing process for his linked story collection, Coconut Dreams. The page shows story titles and checkmarks for what stage of completion each story was at, and his observations might be valuable to those of you planning your own manuscripts.

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