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Around the Web: Seasonal Creativity, Drink Pairings and NaNoWriMo

Welcome back, readers!

As I write from my home office where I am bundled in a cozy oversized sweater and enjoying the view of red and orange foliage outside me window, it strikes me that this week’s round up of literary content from around the web is loosely fall themed.

I’ve got some tips for handling seasonal creative doldrums, some fall drink pairings, a look at bookshop life, and some information on NaNoWriMo. Read on and enjoy the weekend!

Seasonal Creative Disorder

autumnal birch tree

The days have begun to grow shorter and the temperatures are dropping (at least here in Ontario). With the change in seasons comes what A.H. Reaume calls Seasonal Creative Disorder, a lack of creative energy that makes writing almost impossible. If you’re feeling this affliction, check out Reaume’s tips for coping.

Fall Drink and Book Pairings

hot chocolate

One good thing about the cooler weather is the drinks. There’s just something about getting cozy with a book and a nice warm beverage… If you’re looking for some fall drinks for story time, check out The Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s list (but maybe keep the kids off the espresso).

Life at a Tiny Traveling Bookshop

Travelling bookshop

Owning a bookshop is a romantic dream of many readers. Most would probably imagine a standard building, but not so for Jean-Jacques Megel-Nuber. With help, he built a tiny travelling bookshop that he now takes around France. If you’re curious about this lifestyle, check out this Atlas Obscura article.

NaNoWriMo Truths

And because next Friday is the official beginning of NaNoWriMo, I am leaving you with a look at the expectations and realities of taking on the annual novel writing challenge.

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