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Around the Web: Encyclopedia Brown, Comp Titles, Literary Agents, and More

Hello, everyone, and happy Friday. I hope you've had a fantastic week and are preparing for wonderful weekend. As always, here's some reading material to get your weekend started with.

Who Wrote Encyclopedia Brown

Encyclopedia Brown is the plucky star of a series of children’s mystery novels. He and his detective skills are well known, but his creator is less so. Donald J. Sobol was happy to let his books stand for themselves, but Crime Reads has the scoop on this author’s life and how he came to write one of the most celebrated child detectives.

On Comp Titles

Been a while since I recommended a podcast, but I’ve got one for you now. Writing Excuses is a podcast for writers by writers, and a recent episode discusses comparison titles. Plus, it’s episodes are relatively short, so they’re a good option for those tight on time.

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Quill & Quires Sexual Harassment Survey Results

In the last couple of years, the publishing industry—like the entertainment industry—has grown more aware of harassment issues within its ranks. Several prominent authors have been accused of sexual harassment or assault. To get a better sense of these problems in the Canadian sphere, Quill & Quire conducted a sexual harassment survey of Canadian publishing professionals back in February. They’ve now released the results, and they aren’t great. Half of the respondents reported having experienced predatory behaviours, and at least one said they were trying to leave the industry as a result. While these results seem bleak, knowledge is power; perhaps this report will lead to some changes.

What Agents Are Looking For

If you’ve ever wondered how to get a literary agent, you may want to check out this interview with agent Marilyn Biderman. She discusses what agents do and what you should look for in an agent-writer relationship.

Bookish Horoscopes

And here’s something fun to leave you with: bookish horoscopes. If you’re looking for a new YA read, Epic Reads has recommendations based on your astrological sign.

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That's it from me this week. Enjoy the weekend!

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