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15 Books You Should Read This Math Month

Math Month is here. And our team is excited to celebrate it! Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, or Math Month for short, brings recognition to and appreciation for mathematics. It is typically held every April in the United States.

We have collected our top picks for math-related titles children and pre-teens can read during this month. We want to wish everyone a happy Math Month!

The Infinite Pieces of Us by Rebekah Crane

Infinite Pieces of Us cover

Ages: 12-17

Esther Ainsworth has always obsessed over math problems. Logic is what she looks for. But everything in her life turns upside down when her father forces her and her family to run from their past. In order to find semblance of normality, she decides to make friends, who she can confide in. But they provide more than just companionship. Beth, Moss, and Jesús take Esther on a road trip so she can confront her past. The journey they take will help her accept her truth.

Ada Lace on the Case by Emily Calandrelli and Renée Kurilla

Ada Lace is on the Case cover

Ages: 6-10

Ada Lace, a third-grade scientist and inventor, learns that her neighbour's Yorkie has been stolen. And with the help from her neighbour Nina, she must discover who took the pup. As the case evolves, the two girls build an unlikely friendship.

Goldie Blox Rules the School by Stacy McAnulty

Goldie Blox Rules the School

Ages: 6-9

Goldie Blox may have accidentally blown off the school's roof. But she and her friends Val, Ruby, and Li are determined to roll up their sleeves, use their engineering know-how, and fix the school.

The Math Kids: A Sequence of Events by David Cole

The Math Kids: A Sequence of Events

Ages: 8-12

In order to win the district Math Olympics, Justin, Jordan, and Stephanie must find their fourth teammate, who happens to be Catherine Duchesne. But when she doesn't show up for school, and the Math Kids discover her father has been kidnapped, the team will have to find a way to save Catherine.

The Clueless Girls Guide to Being a Genius by Janice Repka

The Clueless Girl's Guide to Being a Genius

Ages: 8-12

Aphrodite Wigglesmith, a thirteen-year-old prodigy who fast-tracked to Harvard, now teaches remedial math at her old middle school. She's determined to prove that anyone can learn math. But Mindy, a student who hates the subject, may prove her wrong, especially when they strike up a friendship they weren't looking for.

The Cinderella Theorem by Kristee Raven

The Cinderella Theorem cover

Ages: 8-12

Lily Sparrow lives in a fairy tale, where math shouldn't exist or matter. But she must use it when her mother gives her impossible situations to solve. In a race against time, she must find a way to save her fairy tale friends before they disappear.

The Miscalculations Of Lightning Girl by Stacy McAnulty

The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

Ages: 8-12

When lightning struck Lucy Callahan, she didn't think it'd change her life forever by giving her genius math skills. Now, her grandma demands that she must go to middle school for one year, make a friend, join a school activity, and read one book not related to math. She needs to complete these tasks in order to head to college. So she will need to face her fears, right?

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle