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Around the Web: Forest of Reading, #MeToo, Ambient Lit, Authors on Social, and Poetry

Welcome back to Around the Web, wherein I share what I, and the other CDP folks, have been reading online this week.

I hope you’ve had a fantastic week and that you’re ready for some weekend reading!

Forest of Reading

Our publicity assistant Siobhan offered a wonderful list of spooky reads for Halloween, but if you or someone you know is looking for some more kid lit reading recommendations, then I suggest checking out the Forest of Reading nominees. There’s lots of cool books for all different ages and interests, so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs.

Forest of Reading nominee covers

Reflecting on Literature’s #MeToo Problem

The #MeToo movement has resulted in a great deal of conversation and debate across the political spectrum. It’s also contributed to debates within literary communities about women writers, their books, and their characters. Katy Waldman, a staff writer for the New Yorker, takes a look at One Year of #MeToo and what it’s meant in literature.

Ambient Literature

Imagine you’re reading as it begins to rain outside. In your book, the same thing happens. Or you’re having coffee and the story your reading takes place on the same street as your coffee shop. These are some of the ways Ambient Literature is trying to immerse readers. Using your smartphones, Ambient Literature provides interactive stories that respond to your environment. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Ambient Literature is a collaboration between UWE Bristol, Bath Spa University and the University of Birmingham that’s working to use technology to create evocative experiences for readers. Right now, there are four titles you can download and all adapt to your surroundings. Would you want to try it out?

A woman reading on a bench outside in a city

Social Media for Authors

I feel like it’s about time I shared another author resource. Book Bub has some great ideas for authors on social media. If you’re a writer trying to build your online platform, it’s worth checking out.

There’s a Poem For That

Poetry fans rejoice! There’s a new animated poetry series produced by Ted-Ed and poet Sara Key. Every week they’ll be releasing a new video featuring an animated interpretation of a poem. Up first is Safia Elhillo’s “To Make Use of Water,” animated by Jeffig Le Bars & Jérémie Balais.

I hope you enjoy these! See you next week.

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