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Around the Web: Grammar Guidance, Form Rejections, Encountering Critics

Oh, hello again, readers! This week’s web content roundup is full of guidance from folks in the publishing business. We’ve got grammar tips as well as advice for encountering rejection and critics, so read on if you’re looking for some writing help.

Grammar Goofs in Fiction

A sharpened pencil on a white surface

Fiction doesn’t always have to follow grammar rules, but it is helpful to know what the rules are so that when we break them, we’re doing so on purpose. A recent CMOS Shoptalk blog discusses common grammar issues that might come up when writing or editing fiction.

Grammar on TikTok

And since we’re talking grammar, I have for you what I believe is my first TikTok recommendation: Grammar Girl a.k.a. Mignon Fogarty. Fogarty has long explained Grammar for Quick and Dirty Tips, but now you can get your writing and language tips and info via TikTok if you’re so inclined.

Crossing Paths with Critics

a typewriter with a sheet of paper with "Review" written on it

Quill & Quire’s Agony Editor recently answered a question about what to do when encountering someone who has reviewed your book. Meeting with someone who hasn’t enjoyed your writing could be awkward, and it’s a reminder of how small the publishing industry can be, but acting confident and polite can help avoid making the situation worse.

Form Rejections

The word "No" painted on the ground.

Finally, I have for you some thoughts on form rejections. The kinds of rejections that don’t include much detail about why a work wasn’t accepted can be frustrating to authors, and authors might wonder what they should take from these kinds of letters. Literary agent Jessica Faust explains her thoughts behind their use.


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