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Around the Web: Decolonizing Writing, Bullet Journals, Eye-Saving Tips, and Overused Phrases

Hello again, readers! This week’s internet content round up includes some thoughts on decolonizing creative writing, some bullet journal layouts for writers, some eye-saving tips for writers and editors, and some overused phrases you might want to avoid.

Decolonizing Creative Writing

hands writing in a notebook with a blue pen

Writing is often taught with attention to certain rules, but who makes these rules and who might they be leaving out? These are questions that Janice Pariat addresses in this article about decolonizing creative writing.

Bullet Journal Layouts for Writers

a hand writes in a bullet journal calendar layout

If you’re like journaling or planners, you might enjoy these bullet journal ideas for recording ideas, tracking reading and writing, and organizing other parts of the publishing process.

Eye-Saving Tips

a pair of glasses

Writers and editors can spend a lot of time in front of screens, which can mean eye strain. Editor Carolina VonKampen has some helpful tips for taking care of your eyes. Read and try some out next time you’re mid writing marathon.

Overused Phrases

lettered tiles arranged to say "choose your words"

CNBC recently shared a list of overused, and sometimes clunky or pretentious, phrases you may want to avoid. Gathered from experts, the list includes the redundant “AM in the morning,” the overly wordy “at this point in time” and more.


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