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Around the Web: Awards, Travel, Philip Roth, and a Game

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve been having a fantastic week. We wrapped up the ARK blog tour on Tuesday and had a cover reveal for Love Life to Death, a cult suspense novel we’re very excited for. It’s been a good week, and what is a good week without some good web browsing? Here’s what we’ve been reading about.

The 12th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards

The 12th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards were announced this week. The awards celebrate independent publishing and recognize authors and publishers that “go the extra mile to produce books of excellence in every aspect.”

While there are many amazing winners and finalists to check out, we’re pretty psyched because The Great & the Small by CDP’s very own A.T. Balsara is a finalist!

A mother rat shelters her baby

Toronto is Getting a Book Vending Machine

Have you ever realized you’ve forgotten to pack a book just before you take a flight? Well, those travelling through Toronto’s Billy Bishop City Airport may soon have another way to grab a last minute read before boarding: a book vending machine.

The vending machine is part of the Literary Press Group’s CarryOnBooks program, and it will offer book-hungry travellers a rotation of thirty titles from six independent presses over the summer. How cool is that?

The project was inspired by another cool literary project, the short story machine in Edmonton, and will run from June 1 to August 31. Adjust your travel plans accordingly.

A plane flies above clouds

Literary Travel

Speaking of travel, Electric Literature shared 7 literary attractions across America. These include such sites as Hemingway’s boyhood home and the Emily Dickinson museum. If you’re an American lit fan looking to plan a trip, check out the list.

If you have other literary travel destination in mind, let us know in the comments?

Philip Roth Passed Away

Another celebrated author has left us. Philip Roth passed away on Tuesday due to congestive heart failure. Roth’s prolific writing career began with the publication of Goodbye Columbus in 1959. His writing explored sexuality, Jewish identity, and American politics.

Philip Roth, American novelist

In honour of his passing, 14 authors discussed their favourite Roth novels for the Guardian.

International Idioms

And now, since it’s been a news heavy Around the Web post, let’s have a game, shall we? Word nerds and language lovers will enjoy testing their skills in this international idioms quiz. It contains such phrases as “you’re getting on my biscuits” and “put the key under the door.” If you have an idea of what these mean, try your hand

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