Love Life To Death --

by J. Cook

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Sample Chapter

The Vicar proudly preaches the One Law of The Order to the masses.

One Law to unite faith and science as one.

The Order offers pleasant congregations and strong coffee. The clergy can also, should you be curious, predict your death to the day.

But when love gets in the way of a proscribed death, the Vicar’s faith falters. Is it too late to save and be saved?

About the Author

J. Cook scribbled his first story when he was three and performed an exclusive reading for his parents who were confined to their bed due to the early start time of 5:45 a.m. He continued to write, slowly gaining a better understanding of the English language (still very much in process) while flexing it to strange ends.


This fact was not known while he pursued, quite publicly, the art of make-believe on Disney, NBC, and ABC. From there, he retreated to conspiring with small groups of filmmakers to tell visual stories, some based in reality (Numb To Life), some fictionalized, (The Creatress), and some in between (State of Bacon).


Through it all, tens of thousands of dollars were saved in therapy thanks to the daily venting, sometimes with pen in hand, sometimes to the pounding of keys, sometimes in a controlled fashion, sometimes erratic (so much so the case could be made much of it wouldn't qualify as English). Love Life to Death is his debut novel.