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Around the Web: Teaching Grammar, a History of Writing, Book Facts, and When To Delete "That"

Another week, another bookish content roundup! This week, I’ve got some teaching tips, an animated history of writing, a list of book and author facts, and some guidance on the word "that."

Teaching the Link Between Grammar and Imagination

An apple atop a stack of books next to some colored pencils and letter blocks

Want to get students interested in grammar? Focus on how grammatical features can help turn ideas into stories. Check out this list of tips from The Conversation.

An Animated History of Writing

A hand writing in a book

Open Culture recently shared an animated history of writing. The video goes back to ancient times to look at the technologies of communication!

Curious Book and Author Facts

a stack of colorful books

Monday was National Book Lovers Day and to celebrate, Mental Floss shared some fun facts about books and authors. Trivia lovers, check it out the list.

When to Delete "That"

a keyboard with a yellow X button

There’s plenty of advice that says you should delete the word "that" in your writing, but you can’t always get by without it. Luckily, CMOS Shop Talk has some tips for when to cut and when to keep "that."


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