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Around the Web: A Merlin Manuscript, the Power of Pictures, Reading Games, and Autumn

Hello again, readers! It’s been a busy week here at Common Deer Press as we prepare for the release of The Adventures of Grandmasaurus at the Aquarium Rescue Centre and The Math Kids: An Incorrect Solution, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had time to gather our weekly collection of bookish content. This week, we’re sharing an news about medieval manuscript fragments, findings from the Power of Pictures project, some reading games for kids, and literary quiz.

A Medieval Merlin Manuscript

Two years ago, fragments of a medieval manuscript telling the story of Merlin were found in the bindings of books in Bristol central library’s rare book’s collection. Academics have found that the fragments reveal “subtle but significant” variations on Arthurian legend. If you’re interested in medieval literature, rare books, and history, you may enjoy reading the Guardian’s article on this unique find.

The Power of Pictures

Findings from the Power of Pictures project, a program that supports the development of reading skills, were recently released. According to LoveReading, the using picture books in primary schools and incorporating drawing significantly improves children’s writing and reading skills.

Reading Games

And since we’re on the subject of reading skills, Book Riot recently shared a list of reading games for kids. Check it out.

Autumn Quotes Quiz

With the change of seasons upon, it’s fitting that Mental Floss has shared a quiz of autumn quotations. See if you can match the quote to the writer.


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