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Around the Web: Lee Maracle Lecture, Copyright and NFTs, Workplace Racism, and Book Tracking

Hello! Ready for some bookish content? This week’s Around the Web includes Lee Maracle’s thoughts on decolonizing literature, some thoughts on copyright and NFTs, results of the Workplace Racism Survey, and some tips for tracking book releases.

Lee Maracle

a set of headphones on a desk next to a keyboard and mouse

The Writers’ Trust of Canada recently shared the recording of Lee Maracle’s 2020 Margaret Laurence Lecture, which discusses decolonizing literature, her writing life, and Indigenous women in Canada. Take forty minutes and listen.

Copyright and NFTs

a typewriter with a paper with text reading "copyright claim"

Talk of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is still going strong in creative communities. Among those discussions is this blog by intellectual property lawyer and novelist Brad Frazer about how copyright laws mean for NFTs.

Workplace Racism Survey

an empty boardroom with a large table with a window looking out at a city skyline

People of Color in Publishing and Latinx in Publishing worked together to conduct an online survey in summer and fall of 2018. The results have now been released and reveal that many BIPOC industry members still face racism in the workplace, especially in the form of micro-aggressions.

Tips For Tracking Book Releases

a line of books on a shelf

On a lighter note, Book Riot has provided some tips for keeping track of book releases. If you’ve ever missed the publication date of a favourite author’s book or found out a book you’ve been waiting for has actually been available for months, you may want to implement some of these recommendations.


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