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Around the Web: Ghostwriters, the Goodreads Choice Awards, Bookshelves, and Bookseller Struggles

Hello and welcome back to Around the Web, our weekly roundup of bookish and publishing content from across the vast reaches of the internet. This week, we’re sharing a story on ghostwriting, the Goodreads Choice Awards, some thoughts on arranging bookshelves, and an update on bookselling and the supply chain.


A man types at a laptop

A growing demand for celebrity books has increased the need for ghostwriters. But what exactly are ghostwriters? Publishers Weekly takes a look at the role and how attitudes toward ghostwriting, or collaborating as its now called, may be changing.

The Goodreads Choice Awards

open books piled together

It’s that time of year again! Readers can now vote on the best books of the year over on Goodreads. The first round of voting ends November 28th and winners will be announced December 9th, so head on over if you want your opinion to count.

Arranging Your Bookshelf

Bookshelves filled with books

We’ve seen books arranged by author, genre, and colour. We’ve even seen books shelved backwards for a minimal look. But writer Kasia Delgado recently shared her thoughts on a new method for arranging her books—not arranging them at all.

Bookseller Struggles

books on display in front of a bookstore window

As we get into the holiday season, booksellers are increasingly discussing the challenges they’re facing because of supply chain issues. CBC talked to some Canadian publishers and authors about these

challenges. If you’re wondering why buying certain books for gifts this year might be difficult, check out the story.


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