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Around the Web: Edgar Allen Poe's Science Background, Jane Austen's Favourite Recipes, and Knitting

Welcome back, loyal readers! These week we’ve got some Edgar Allen Poe, a touch of Jane Austen, a yarn on yarn and reading, and some guidance on book donations.

Edgar Allen Poe’s Bestseller

Edgar Allen Poe may be best known for his poetry and short stories these days, but during his lifetime his bestselling book was actually a science textbook. That’s right, before he became known for macabre mystery and talking ravens, he earned attention and a paycheck by publishing The Conchologist’s First Book, a guide to seashells.

Jane Austen’s Favourite Cheese Toastie

The household book of Martha Lloyd, a friend of Jane Austen’s, is set to be published as a colour facimile for the first time. It contains some of Austen’s favourite recipes, including “toasted cheese” and “white soup.” Lloyd lived with Austen, her sister Cassandra, and their mother in Chawton, Hampshire, during Jane’s most productive years, so the household book is a small glimpse into what their life was like.

Knitting and Reading

Yarn lovers tend to be readers, or so author Allie Pleiter claims in this CrimeReads post on the common ground between knitting and reading.

What Not To Donate

While it’s nice to consider a second life for your unneeded novels, not all books are fit for donation. If you’re planning on doing some declutter this summer, you may want to check out this post on book donation etiquette.


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