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Around the Web: Ontario Lingo

Canadian English is already a delightful (or messy, depending on who you talk to) combination of terms and spellings, but Linguist Sali Tagliamonte is looking to document even more Canadianisms. According to CBC, she wants to add Ontario slang to the dictionary, which is a process that takes plenty of research and dedication.

What You May Not Know About English

If you’re on social media, there’s a high chance you’ve seen folks call each other out for typos and supposed misuse of the English language.

Self-appointed grammar police abound and there’s fierce debate over cases like “literally” being used for “figuratively.” But these so-called proponents of “correct” English fail to recognize is that English isn’t a static language. John McIntrye explains this and more in a recent column for the Baltimore Sun.

Writer Resources

Maria Vicente is a literary agent at P.S. Literary, and she’s got a bevy of resources for authors on her website. If you’re looking for advice on querying, writing tips, or insights into publishing, check out her blog archive.

Getting Your Kids Hooked On Books

With the new school year now underway, those of you with young ones in your lives might be wondering how to get them into reading.

The Los Angeles Times has two articles on the subject that might be worth checkout out: one on encouraging reading and one on reading aloud.

As always, be sure to share your thoughts on these links with us or send us what you’ve found around the web this week. We love to see what catches your eye.

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