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Around the Web: Prepping Your Manuscript for Submission, Bedtime Stories, and Emojis

It’s Friday already? Wow, July is just flying by! If you’ve got a few minutes of down time between all the summer chaos, you’re in the right place because I’ve got bookish links for you to check out.

Self-Editing Tips

A good editor can do wonders for a manuscript, but before handing off your work, it’s good to do your own editing. (It saves money if you’re hiring an editor, and if you’re submitting your work to a publisher, it cuts down editing time for in-house editors, making your novel more appealing for acquisition). If you aren’t sure how to go about this, check out this post on self-editing by author Ian Canon:

Is Your Novel Ready For Submission?

And since we’re talking about self-editing, let’s talk about evaluating whether your work is ready for submission. Here’s a list of everything you should ask yourself before submitting your stories to publishers, contests, agents, and more.

Bedtime Stories

Switching gears a bit, here’s a feel good story for ya. Two sisters— Zaria, thirteen, and Hailey Willard, eight— from Dover, Delaware, are sharing a love of reading by hosting a live bedtime reading on social media. Their goal is to reach children like themselves and to share stories with those who may not be able to read or who don’t have someone to read for them.

Emojis and Communication

And if you’re up for a longer read, or if you’ve ever wondered about how emojis enhance online communication, check out this Quartz article. How do you use emojis?

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