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Around the Web: Finding a Publisher, Day Jobs, Burnout, and "A Novel"

Happy Friday, everyone! I can’t believe how fast this February is going. One of the things I’m trying to do this year is take my writing more seriously. But with other projects taking priority, it’s been a bit tough. So this week, I have a couple links that’ll hopefully be helpful or reassuring to fellow writers. (Don’t worry non-writers, there’s still stuff you might like!)

How to Find a Publisher

CBC is doing a series called Publishing 101 that might be of interest to anyone thinking about pursuing traditional publishing. One of the latest is on finding a publisher for your book and it contains specific tips and feedback from Leigh Nash, the publisher at Invisible Books.

Day Jobs

Many famous authors didn’t start out as full-time writers. Medium’s Day Job series looks at the jobs that twelve successful authors, including Andy Weir and Carmen Maria Machado, have held to support their writing. Something to keep in mind if your writing is done in your off-work hours.

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Alicia Elliot discusses what can happen after you sell your first book and how plans to continue writing can go astray in a column for Open Book. She discusses the burnout she’s felt since completing her book, the desire to refuel, and the emotions that come with not writing.

Why “A Novel” Appears on Covers

Finally, I have the answer to a question you might have wondered. Why do some books have the words “a novel” on the cover?

open books

See you next week!

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