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Around the Web: Marketing for Indie Creators, Design, Medieval Illustrators, and Canada Reads

Hello again, readers! In my city, kids went back to school this week and so the holidays have officially ended and life is going back to normal.

It’s a little sad for some, but the new year comes with lots of new opportunities including the chance for more reading, of course!

Here’s what I found around the web for you this week.

Medieval Women Illustrators

Women often get erased from history, but new research has shed some light on women’s occupations in medieval Germany and the findings have to do with books! Illustrated illuminated manuscripts, to be exact.

Researchers studying burial remains of a medieval cemetery found flecks of lapis lazuli pigment in the lower jaw of a women’s skeleton. The pigment was used in illustrated illuminated manuscripts, so the woman was probably an illustrator. Not only that, she was probably a very skilled one because the pigment was so rare and expensive, only experienced illustrators could use it. Check out the full story from CNN if you’re interested in archeology.

Old books on a shelf

Marketing for Indie Creators

The folks at TO Comix recently shared some of their marketing experience on Creator Resource. Specifically, they shared what they did for their Kickstarter for Toronto Comics: Yonge at Heart. If you’re an indie comic artist or writer, you may find it helpful.

Design is Not Neutral

Illustrator Colleen Tighe examines creativity in a comic for The Baffler. She writes about the ways creativity and design are used to aid or hide ills, questioning our perceptions and drawing on historical examples. It’s an interesting look at the relationship between art, politics, and society that’ll make you think critically next time you see a beautiful mural or clever ad campaign.

Canada Reads Longlist

And finally, I leave you with the Canada Reads Longlist. This year’s longlist contains “thought-provoking fiction” and “inspiring memoirs” with titles that all address the theme: One Book To Move You.

The final five titles for Canada Reads will be revealed, with their champions, on January 31, 2019 and debates take place at the end of March. So get reading if you want to follow along!

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