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Around the Web: Killer Women, Writer Income, a Grammar Jedi, and a Quiz

Happy Friday, folks!

I’m writing to you from the warmth of my office while watching the snow fall outside. Sure, it looks lovely out there, but it really just makes me want to stay inside (maybe until, like, April) with some hot chocolate and some good reading.

Luckily, there’s lots to read! Of course, we just launched three books, so we’d love it if you picked up Lackbeard, Math Kids, or Dear Earthling. But if you want something a bit shorter, here are some options from around the web.

Dead Girls & Killer Women

Times they are a-changing and pop culture is reflecting that. Dead girls have long been “an American obsession as a pop culture avatar for women’s oppression,” says Scarlett Harris in Electric Literature. But this year, there’s been a rise in killer women in television, film, and literature. If you’re into crime or thriller genres, you might find Harris’s post interesting.

A woman's face shrouded in darkness so only her eye is visible

Writer Income

I don’t mean to be depressing, but it’s important to share the latest news about writing income in Canada. Writers’ compensation has fallen nearly thirty per cent in the last three years, putting many writers below the Canadian poverty line—not good for our literary culture. Check out the survey results and do your best to support your favourite writers!

Becoming A Grammar Jedi

The French language has an authority called the Académie Francaise that rules on the correct use of French. English has no such governing body; however, it does have the American Heritage Dictionary Usage Panel. Usage panel members vote on English language use issues and the findings are tallied in the dictionary. Robert Lane Green got to join the usage panel and cast his vote on usage issues. Language nerds will enjoy reading about his experience answering the survey in Schwa Fire.

Book Price Quiz

And to wrap this week’s ATW up, I’ve got a quiz on book prices from BuzzFeed. Book nerds are known to spend paychecks at the book store, but can you guess how much popular books cost when they first debuted?

book shelves full of books at a bookstore

If something caught your eye around the web this week, be sure to share it with us! In the meantime, have a good weekend and see you next week!

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