-- by Cody B. Stewart, Adam Rocke

All they wanted was their forever homes. But when a motley group of orphans steals an ancient artifact from the Golden Age of Piracy and a treasure map drawn in blood, what they get is an epic adventure.

Lackbeard Discussion Guide

About the Author

Cody B. Stewart was born in the Adirondacks, in Upstate New York. His love of stories began in those mountains as he vanquished trolls, fought in the American Revolution and discovered his latent mutant powers. Stories have continued to consume his life, but he now plucks them out of his head and puts them down on paper in the form of novels and comic books. He left the Adirondacks to grow into a man, did so, and has since returned with a wonderfully supportive wife and two sons. Visit his website or find him on Facebook and Twitter.


Adam Rocke Slutsky never met an adventure he didn’t love. From swimming with great white sharks without a cage to jumping out of a plane without a parachute, Adam’s adrenaline junkie tendencies play a major role in his writing.Throw in a secondary degree in CryptoZoology, and it’s anyone’s guess where Adam’s literary travels will take him. Visit for more information.

"Lackbeard is an excellent choice for readers who like adventure and realistic fiction." - CM: Canadian Review of Materials


"This little story keeps you engaged right to conclusion." - Rosepoint Publishing


"Great fun to read.  Your middle graders should love this one." - The Book Faerie


"Wonderful fun read for all those young at heart who like a pirate story, think of Pirates of the Caribbean. You will be laughing and cheering them on all the way." - Beverly B, NetGalley


"If you want a light, adventurous read, I highly recommend this book." - Ashley V, NetGalley


"This little story keeps you absorbed right to the conclusion." - Virginia W, NetGalley


"Very fun ... kept me on the edge of my seat" - Anisa, NetGalley


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