Dear Earthling: Cosmic Correspondent by

-- Pen Avey

Dethbert Jones is your average ten-year-old – only he lives on the planet Crank with his pet chicken-snail and his robot best friend Andi Social. When he and Andi join the Space Cadets, a Scouts-like organization, they are totally smooshed at the prospect of going to Space Camp where they’ll learn to pilot a real shuttlecraft and disintegrate weapons of mass destruction. Blamtastic!


To earn his cosmic correspondent badge, Dethbert begins writing to an earthling – and boy, does he have a lot to write about! Between questions about Earth food, culture, and activities, Dethbert recounts his experiences attempting to avoid his horrible little sister, impress his animal-obsessed crush, and fly a space shuttle. Misadventures – from hairy ankles to crash landings – abound, but Dethbert’s curiosity and enthusiasm can’t be crushed, not by anything in this galaxy, anyway!


Join Dethbert on his blamtastic space adventures in Dear Earthling: Cosmic Correspondent, a novel suitable for those ages eight to eighty-eight by Pen Avey coming in fall 2018.


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About the Author

Pen Avey writes and illustrates for children from her home in Norfolk, UK. She is quite a nosy person, but uses the cover story 'RESEARCH' to hide it. When not being unduly curious about the affairs of others, Pen enjoys hanging out with her family and playing with her pet cats, Crumble and Mortimer. For more information, visit or follow Pen on Facebook and Twitter.



"This 10-year-old’s story is relatable, even though he’s galaxies away. Dethbert is the pen pal I never knew I needed." - Allyson Aritcheta's review


"If you're looking for an entertaining and humorous read, this is it!" - Julieaduncan's review


"Fun for adults and kids alike" - ChazziFrazz's review


"such a funny book" - Loty's review


"Dear Earthling: Cosmic Correspondent is a hilarious, quick read that will most certainly appeal to reluctant readers for its snarky, one-sided dialogue, its colorful creatures, and its quirky illustrations. A hoot!" - Jackiewark's review 


"A lot of new readers would really enjoy the play on words and utter silliness of the story." - Jane's review 


"A cute, funny story" - Aoife's review


"A very quick and humorous read." - Savannah Dickerson's review


"I would highly recommend this book if you have a child (or even for yourself) that loves silly, humorous books about anything fantasy or sci-fi related." - Finley Farmer's review


"A story that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. All in all, a very good read." - HippyPaul's review


"I loved it. Highly recommended for readers who enjoy a light-hearted, feel-good romp through space camp." - Darby Karchut's review


"A very funny, lighthearted story with tons of hilarious puns." - Sunny's review


"Witty, funny, and hilariously written, this book makes use of science fiction tropes in an entertaining epistolary format. It's unlike most of what I've read in this genre, and I recommend Dear Earthling for anyone looking for a delightful take on sci-fi and comedy." - Reading Lit's review


"Emotions associated with children on the threshold of adolescence are superbly exhibited and often expressed with humour." - Thelma B., NetGalley


"Avey's novel is wild fun to read" - Canadian Review of Materials


"Cute!!! The art was adorable and the puns had me giggling all the way through" - Kirstin Vercleyen's review


"An adorable middle-grade sci-fi story with fun illustrations." - A Thousand Worlds


"Middle schoolers will love this book. [...] This book could be used to introduce writing friendly letters, humour, the science fiction genre, and the use of plays on words." - Resource Links


"Late elementary schoolers and early middle schoolers would love this book, especially with all the fun illustrations!" - Arin's review

"Pen Avey has done a very nice job in creating the world and the characters for the story. She is perfect for writing these types of novels and I am keen in picking up some of her other works as well." - Rajiv's Reviews

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