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Around the Web: A Rare Scrapbook, Money and Comics, Papyrus Making, and Pencil Evolution

Hello, readers! I hope you’ve been having a stellar week and that you’re ready for another bookish round-up because this week I’ve got a story on a rare book, information about the comics industry, an introduction to papyrus makers, and a look at the history of the pencil.

A Rare Comic Scrapbook

a collection of books on shelves

You might not immediately think of scrapbooks as valuable rare books, but such works can give insight into past eras and are equally worth preserving. Atlas Obscura provides one such example in this article on Persinger’s scrapbook, a collection of “Wash Tubbs” comics by Roy Crane with marginalia from Persinger and his customers that provides a look at life during the Great Depression.

Money and Comics

a pile of super hero comic books

Speaking of comics, Vice recently looked into the challenges writers and artists face in the comics industry, where the popularity of stories of justice and heroism may not be reflected in creators’ earnings.

Making Papyrus in Egypt

A page from the Book of the Dead, showing various figures and hieroglyphs, written on papyrus

Papyrus has been used as paper since the days of the pharaohs. France 24 reported on how artisans in Eygypt’s Delta Valley are keeping the ancient technique of papyrus making alive despite the challenges they’re facing because of Covid-19’s effect on tourism.

Who Invented the Pencil?

a line of pencils

Who’s up for a bit of history? Mental Floss has shared a look back at the evolution of the pencil, starting with the pre-pencil stylus of ancient Rome and discussing some of the key changes that brought us to today’s No.2s.


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