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Around the Web: An Origami Knight, the Life of Creative Projects, and Literary Chocolate

Hello, readers! Welcome back to Around the Web. This week, I'm sharing an origami time lapse, a look at the life cycle of creative projects (like novels), a Kickstarter for literary-themed chocolate, and an explanation of publishing's supply chain issues.

An Origami Knight

I’ve shared book art before, so why not share paper craft as well? Finish artist Juho Könkkölä folded an incredible origami knight from a single sheet of rice paper. You can check out the story and photos on Colossal.

The Life Cycle of Creative Projects

I recently came across this post about the life cycle of creative projects from Firefly Creative Writing in my Twitter feed and I thought it might be helpful to those of you thinking about writing projects. There’s a lot more to writing a novel than just the writing part, after all.

Literary Themed Chocolate Bars

Books and chocolate are a good combo, right? Well, now you can support the creation of literary-themed chocolate bars on Kickstarter. Open Book Chocolates is raising funds for bean-to-bar chocolate bars, the most recent of which is the Call of Cthulhu.

Supply Chain Disruptions

If you’re following publishers and authors on social media, you may have seen some talks about pre-ordering books for the holiday season because of supply chain disruption and paper costs. If you want to know what all this talk is about, check out Business Insider’s article on the disruptions.


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