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Around the Web: New Words, Fanfiction, Secrets of NY Public Library, and Industry News

Welcome back, everyone! This week, we’re sharing new words added to the dictionary, a look at fanfiction and monetization, a list of New York Public Library secrets, and some industry news.

New Words Added to Merriam-Webster

Language is always changing, so its important that dictionaries try to keep up. Merriam-Webster recently added 455 new words and definitions including words from online and popular culture, Coronavirus-related words, science and technology terminology, words about food and more. Take a look at some of the words over on Words at Play .

The Business of Fanfiction

As Tumblr pivots to include monetization options, questions arise about fan fiction. Inverse looks at the complex and potentially controversial finances of the fanfiction world, highlighting the legal concerns of creators. If you’re a fanfic writer or reader, you might find this piece interesting.

Secrets of the New York Public Library at 42nd Street

There’s something that feels fitting about an old library holding secrets, but that doesn’t mean we want these secrets to remain secret. Luckily for us, Untapped New York has taken an insider tour of the New York Public Library at 42nd Street, revealing restricted areas and insights into operations.

Justice Department Sues to Block Penguin Random House Acquisition of Simon & Schuster

In big publishing news, Publisher’s Weekly reports that the US Department of Justice has sued to the parent company of Penguin Random House from acquiring Simon & Schuster. The lawsuit argues that such a merger would give Penguin Random House “outsized influence over which books are published in the United States” and “would likely result in substantial harm to authors.”


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