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Around the Web: Kickstarter, Swear Words, and Writing Advice

Welcome back, readers! Let’s get right into this week’s round up of bookish content from around the web.

Comics Going To Kickstarter

Though Kickstarter is often associated with indie creators, traditional publishing has started to utilize the platform to drum up support for comics and books before they’re even completed. If you’re interested in crowdfunding, the Guardian takes a look at Kickstarter’s growth and popularity.

History of Swear Words

Linguistics nerds, take note: a new show is coming to Netflix that may interest you. Hosted by none other than Nicholas Cage, The History of Swear Words will interview experts and delve into the origins of a bunch of four-letter words.

Advice for Young Writers

If you are feeling uncertain about your writing, whether because of your age or because you’re new to writing, Quill and Quire’s Agony Editor has some advice for you. Check it out!

Writing Your Way Through

Writer and artist Francine Cunningham shared some thoughts on writing that include some questions about intention that she asks herself when she writes. Take a look if you’re up for an exploration of writing and emotions, poetry, and mental health.


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