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Around the Web: Genre, Point of View, and Grammar

Hello all, and welcome back! This week, I’m sharing one author’s thoughts on genre, a writing resource, and some information about grammar.

A Defense of Labels

There’s some debate over the importance of genres, especially as discussions of gatekeeping and snobbery continue. But author Lincoln Michel argues that genres shouldn’t be thrown out entirely in this Lit Hub essay. Take a look.

The Power of Point of View

Have you ever struggled to decide what point of view to write in? Or been accused of head-hopping? If you have, perhaps Alicia Rasley’s The Power of Point of View might be helpful. It’s available as a free download from Alicia’s site.

Why Human Languages Share the Same Grammar

There are a lot of different languages in the world, but many share similar ways of forming and using sentences. Scientists have theorized these similarities might come from cognitive capacity or genetic tendencies, but a new study proposes a different reason for shared grammar. Check out Science Alert for the details.

Teachers Struggling with Grammar

And on the topic of grammar, the Conversation recently discussed how teachers are struggling to teach grammar at school. The article provides a quick history of grammar in schools and an argument for why learning grammar can be helpful.


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