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Around the Web: Bookshelf Styling, Plain Language in Fiction, and Virtual Literary Festivals

Hello again, bookish friends! This week’s web roundup has some rules for bookshelf styling, some thoughts on plain language in fiction, a list of virtual literary festivals, and some writing advice.

Bookshelf Styling

a bookshelf with books and plants

With many of us stuck at home, there’s no wonder lots of folks have been putting effort into making their spaces nicer. If you’re in this situation, take a look at this post on bookshelf styling. It has some quick easy tips, but beware, they may not work if your shelves are already jam-packed with books.

Plain Language in Fiction

Overhead shot of a woman writing in a notebook with her laptop open in front of her

When you think plain language, you might think about functional, practical non-fiction. But according to editor Katherine Kirk, it can help your fiction too. Head over to the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading’s blog for info on how you can use plain language principles in your creative writing.

Virtual Literary Festivals

a computer screen with a video call showing many faces

Festival season is nearly upon us! Quill & Quire has put together a list of festivals that will be taking place virtually this year, so you can take part no matter your location.

Writing Advice: Character or Plot

hands typing on a laptop keyboard next to a plant

Jane Friedman recently posted an in depth look at the question of what comes first, character or plot by Sharon Oard Warner. The post discusses how both are important to keep a reader engaged so if you’ve been stuck between the two, this might be helpful to you.


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