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Around the Web: Beverly Cleary, Writing, and Accountability Groups

Happy Friday! The end of the week means its time for our roundup of bookish content. Read on for some thoughts on Beverly Cleary, a look at writer’s block, an article on famous works written in isolation, and a post about accountability groups,

Beverly Cleary

The world lost a titan of children’s literature last week. Beverly Cleary passed away at 104 years old, having sold over 91 million copies of her books and having touched the lives of countless young readers. There’ve been a number of obituaries and posts celebrating her life, but I’d like to share Scaachi Koul’s thoughts on Ramona the Pest for its discussion of girls in fiction.

Writer’s Block

Author Anne Stone has been writer-in-residence over on Open Book during March, and she’s shared a number of great columns on writing and reading. I particularly liked this post on writing and not writing, for the way it reframes writer’s block.

Writing in Isolation

CBC recently shared an article about famous works created during pandemics or during periods of isolation. You’ll probably recognize at least a few of them.

Accountability Groups

An accountability group can be a helpful resource to turn to for motivation, inspiration, and support. Book Riot’s Connie Pan discusses setting reading goals with her accountability group and the benefits of sharing reading and writing experiences with others. If you’re looking for a little reading inspiration, check it out.


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