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Around the Web: Antagonists, a Book Bar, a Dan Brown Mystery, and a Pandemic Reading Survey

Welcome back! This week’s Around the Web post has some advice for writing antagonists, a fun way to include books in a wedding, a strange book mystery involving Dan Brown, and the results of a pandemic reading survey.

Writing Antagonists

A man in a hoodie holding a mask in front of his face

We all know a well-written protagonist is important in a novel, but what about antagonists? In this post, Leslie Kain discusses crafting antagonists by paying attention to their humanity—their desires, needs, fears, and backgrounds.

An Open Book Bar

A hanging sign that says "Books"

The open bar may be an attraction at some weddings, but a couple in Vancouver recently held their wedding next to a bookstore and had an “open book bar” between the ceremony and reception, allowing guests to browse the store and pick up a book.

Dan Brown’s Secret Book

An open book against a black background

Before The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown wrote a humorous dating guide under the name Danielle Brown. Filmmaker Chloe Gordon has been trying to get a copy for the past year, but keeps receiving random unrelated books instead. Is there a book conspiracy happening? Check out the New York Times story for the details.

Book Riot’s Pandemic Reading Habits Survey

An overhead shot of a woman sitting in a chair reading

The results of Book Riot’s Pandemic Reading Habits Survey are in! Over five thousand people participated and over half reported they’re reading more since the pandemic started. The survey results also show where people are getting their books, what genres and formats they’re reading in, and more. If you’re in the book business or just want to see how you compare, check out the results.


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