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Around the Web: Fanfiction, Screenwriting, and a Farewell to Toni Morrison

I’m back! There certainly is a lot to catch up on after a week without internet. Between checking out my favourite websites and scrolling through social media to get updated, it’s been easy to find things that might be of interest to my fellow book nerds.

This week, I have a discussion about the importance of fanfiction, screenwriting tips for novelists, and some very sad news.


Uncanny Magazine co-editor Lynne M. Thomas says the magazine would not exist without fanfiction. Despite others trying to invalidate the genre, Thomas argues in favour of fanfiction for a number of reasons. Among them is fanfictions ability to allow writers to experiment and develop their skills.

Screenwriting Tips

Even if you’re not planning to write the next Hollywood blockbuster, you might find value in Emmy Laybourne’s screenwriting tricks for novelists. Laybourne originally shared these tips at the New York Teen Author Festival as a four-minute masterclass. So, if you’re looking for some quick writing tips, check it out.

Farewell Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison (Mogrel Media)

Toni Morrison (Mogrel Media)

This week we lost a titan of literature, the esteemed Toni Morrison. The Nobel Laureate earned her place among the literary greats by unabashedly writing for and about the Black community. Legions of readers and writers have already come forward to celebrate her life and express their gratitude for her writing. She will be greatly missed.

YA and Speculative Fiction by Black Women

And in the wake of Toni Morrison’s death, some authors have called for us to celebrate her life by continuing to read and support Black women authors. For some recommendations, along with some history of Black speculative fiction, check out Stephanie Toliver’s recent post on LitHub.

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