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Around the Web: Dan Mallory, Thesaurus Facts, a Rare Discovery, and Valentine's Comics

Hello friends! It’s me again, back to share some links from around the web. This week I’ve got a wild tale of publishing, some thesaurus trivia, a discover, and some comic recommendations.

Dan Mallory’s Career of Lies

The New Yorker published an exposé on one of the top selling authors of last year, Dan Mallory. Not familiar with that name? Well maybe you’ve seen the name A.J. Finn on the cover of The Woman in the Window. As it turns out, his career has just as many twists as the genre he writes in. And these twists include some pretty big lies.

The Woman in the Window

Thesaurus Facts

Ah, the thesaurus… It’s one of the best tools when you’re looking for new or different words to fit your writing needs. Mental Floss has some fun facts on the thesaurus, for those of you interested.

Rare Merlin Tale Found

Here’s something that’ll excite those of you interested in Arthurian legends or bookbinding: fragments of a story about Arthur and Merlin were recently discovered. The thirteenth century pages were tucked away in the binding of another later manuscript. Because they were used to make this later book, the pages are damaged, but they’re already piquing scholars’ interest. Read more about them on Atlas Obscurba.

Valentine’s Comic Recommendations

And finally, since Valentine’s Day is swift approaching, I leave you with a few comic recommendations for the occasion from Book Riot. Whether you’re spending the day with a significant other, rocking a Palentine’s celebration, or enjoying some solo time, there’s something fitting on this list.

Colorful heart candies with various messages written on them

What did you read online this week? Share in the comments and I’ll see you next week.

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