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Around the Web: 2019 Writing Goals, Big TBR Lists, English Majors, and Public Domain

Hello again readers, and welcome to 2019! I hope you’re year is off to a stellar start.

If you’re new here, Around the Web is where I share interesting articles, blogs, and other fun stuff from across the internet. Most of the time, these are book related but general creativity posts make their way on the list every now and then.

This week, I’ve got some new year’s themed links, a resource for English majors, and a bit of news. Check it out!

Writing Goals

Well, 2019 has arrived and with it comes all the New Year’s Resolutions. If you’ve got writing goals for this year, you might be interested in hearing about other writers’ writing resolutions.

Close up of a typewriter

Why It’s Okay to Have a Big TBR List

Who doesn’t have a list, pile, or shelf of books that they haven’t quite got around to reading yet? Fast Company explored the concept of the antilibrary and why it’s okay you haven’t tackled your TBR list.

English Majors

I don’t have a specific story from this one to share, but I thought this website would be of interest to many of you. Dear English Major is a site that shares insight into what you can do with an English degree as well as other topics of interest to students and graduates of English.

1923 Works Enter Public Domain

And finally, with 2019 here at last, the 95 year long copyrights of creative works from 1923 expire. That means that a bunch of films, books, and songs will enter the public domain. Works in the public domain are free for anyone to copy, reproduce, present, or perform without needing to get permission from or paying royalty fees to their original rights holders.

To learn more about why the 95 year rule exists and see some of the works entering the public domain this year, check out the story from The Verge.

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See you next week!

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