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Around the Web: Fairy Tales, Stan Lee, Giller Nominees, Word of the Year, and Short Story Advent Cal

Hey! What’s up, everyone? It’s Emily back again to share what we’ve been reading from around the internet this week. We’ve been sharing a lot of fun stuff on our blog lately (did you see Monday’s post on treasure?), but here’s some other cool stuff you might like.

Fairy Tales

Author Amanda Leduc is the latest columnist for Open Book and she’s written a piece on fairy tales and disability that’s worth taking a look at. In it, she discusses the Little Mermaid and its promises and failures in the context of her childhood experiences with cerebral palsy.

A castle

Deciding To Be an Author

The Giller Award winner will be announced soon, so those of you interested in one of Canada’s biggest literary awards might like to take a look at what the Giller nominee writers have to say deciding to pursue writing.

The Complicated Legacy of Stan Lee

Comic book legend Stan Lee passed away this week. He will no doubt be remembered for his role in creating and promoting Marvel, but his professional life is full of complications. Esquire examines these complications, shedding light on the history and current state of the comics industry.

Stan Lee

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Oxford’s Word of the Year

As the year begins to wind down, you’ll start to see a lot of recaps and “of the year” features. One of these is the Oxford Word of the Year, and this year’s word is “toxic,” as in toxic chemicals, toxic masculinity, or toxic environment. See why this word was chosen and what the other words up for the title were by reading the Oxford blog.

Short Story Advent Calendar

We’re halfway through the month and it’s looking pretty wintery outside my window. Hingston and Olsen have confirmed the wintery vibes by launching their 2018 Short Story Advent Calendar. If you want to treat yourself for the holiday season, take a look.

A close up of a book spine

Hope you enjoy these internet gems. If you’ve read any interesting blogs, found cool resources, or enjoyed any internet content, be sure to share links in the comments. See you next week!

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