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Tips for Kids' Summer Reading

Summer reading not only busts boredom, it also helps build those literacy skills kids use everyday during the school year. Here are a few tips for kids’ summer reading.

A smiling child lying on his stomach reading a book

Make Reading Part of the Summer Routine

Incorporate reading time into your routine. You can do this by having a set reading time each day. Perhaps it’s in the afternoon, for some downtime in the middle of the day. Or perhaps it’s at night to get into a bedtime routine. Fifteen minutes or up to an hour each day, a reading routine can help kids build their literacy skills.

Read Together and Read Independently

For little kids, reading a picture book together is a great activity. You can get the kids to point out things they see in the illustrations. You can also help pre-readers and early readers sound out letters and words.

For older kids, you can take turns reading a page or chapter aloud. Or make it a competition, they read one chapter and then you need to read the same chapter to catch up.

It’s also important to have independent reading time. Little kids can flip through board books. Older kids can read chapter books and middle grade novels.

Treat your teen to young adult books so that they also have something good to read.

Get in on a Book Club

Many public libraries host kids’ book clubs throughout the summer. Usually free, these clubs encourage kids to read and report on books. Quite often there is the small incentive of games and stickers to promote the kids in their reading. A library book club becomes both a destination (because it’s a place to go every week) and journey (as the kids’ continue reading different books) throughout the summer.

Take Books with You

From vacations to neighborhood park visits, it’s handy to always have a book in reach. Whether you pack a paper copy of a book in a backpack or take along an e-book—having a book on the go is a great way to always have age appropriate books and accessible reading materials.

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