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The Benefits of E-Books

Ah, the benefits of E-Books. This is a call to action, first and foremost, to visit the Common Deer Press E-Shop. There you will find uncommon books for kids and teens. Check out the new arrivals, recent releases, and series to purchase and download to your e-reader, tablet, or computer.

Secondary to this call to action, it’s time to consider the benefits of-ebooks. From saving time to saving money, e-books are a serious contender when shopping for new reads for yourself and your family.

Benefits of E-Books

You Save Time

No driving to a store. No parking. No lining up at the cash register. With eBooks, you simply “add to cart” then “checkout”. You can have a new book to read within minutes of browsing an e-Bookstore.

Portable. With the possibility of having thousands of books at your fingertips within one device, eBooks make life lighter. Why carry 2 or 3 beach read novels on your vacation when you can have one slim device to rule them all.

They're Easy To Use

Modern day folk enjoy customization. From having one’s coffee just right (one milk, one sugar, thank-you-very-much) to specific screen settings for better reading experience eBooks offer something a paper book cannot. With settings on your ereader you can adjust font size and brightness based on your personal preferences.

They Have Interactive Elements.

With the ability of highlighting, dictionary definitions, and bookmarking e readers offer more interaction with eBooks than paper books. Kids can especially benefit from hovering their finger over a word and getting an instant dictionary definition.

They're Environmentally Friendly.

If one is an avid reader, it is of benefit to consider your environmental footprint when it comes to your reading. The production of eBooks saves trees (it's a paperless form of book production). It also reduces your reading carbon footprint because traditionally published paper books require international/national transportation.

They're Affordable.

eBooks cost less than print books because of the reduced production costs.

Add eBooks To Your Personal Library

This call to action isn’t to dissuade you from ever buying paper books (because there is something special about turning a page isn’t there?). However, it is meant to nudge you to consider adding eBooks to your personal library.

Check out the Common Press E-Shop where you can find popular books for children and teens.

Reading recommendations:

Faded Glimpses of Time

“An exciting whirlwind of science-fiction espionage for those who appreciate plot-driven stories.” – Kirkus Reviews

The Math Kids: A Knotty Problem (Series)

Ably demonstrates finding thoughtful solutions for common problems. – Kirkus Reviews

Asha and Baz Meet Mary Sherman Morgan

Spunky protagonists get a realistic look at a historical female scientist in an accessible series opener. – Kirkus Reviews

Lucy & Dee The Silk Road

An enthralling, fast-paced adventure, hinting of more to come. – Kirkus Reviews


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