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Q&A with Illustrator Dharmali Patel

Dharmali Patel is the illustrator for the Asha and Baz series. We asked her some questions about her work on book three in the series, Asha and Baz Meet Elizebeth Friedman, which comes out in September.

What inspired you in creating the characters in this book?

Bringing these amazing Historical women to the forefront, also to educate and inspire young audiences, inspired me to create these characters. Time travel allows for interactions between characters from different time periods, creating intriguing possibilities for character development and exploring the impact of historical events on individuals. It's an exciting way to showcase the achievements and struggles of these remarkable women and to celebrate their contributions.

Did you have to do any research to illustrate this book?

Researching the life journeys of Elizebeth Friedman was a crucial step in creating an authentic and meaningful visual. Caroline Fernandez provided a good detailed understanding of the environment and who these characters are and what their personalities are like. This helped me develop well-rounded character designs and provide a rich backdrop for the story.

What is your illustration process?

After reading the manual script I created the design for the characters.Once I nailed down the composition, moving on to line art provides structure and clarity to your drawings. Adding color, atmosphere, and light is where I can truly enhance the mood and atmosphere of the image. This step is crucial in setting the tone and bringing out the desired emotions in the illustrations.

What techniques and tools do you use to illustrate?

The illustrations are created on a digital platform. It depends on the project and project Schedule.

Do you believe in creative block? If you've experienced it, what did you do to overcome it?

Absolutely! Creative blocks are a common challenge that many individuals face during their creative endeavors. During this stage we should try to do any activity that brings us great joy, Like jogging, reading, watching a movie, observing nature. This helps us recharge and get our creative juices flowing.

What was your favorite childhood book?

The Jungle Book and Calvin and Hobbes

Asha and Baz Meet Elizebeth Friedman

The cover for Asha and Baz Meet Elizebeth Friedman

In the third book in the Asha and Baz series, readers learn about secret codes and how to break them from World War II codebreaker Elizebeth Friedman!

A secret code and a mysterious prize up for grabs at school prompts Asha and Baz to once more use their magic stick to travel to the past. This time they land in 1942, where they meet Elizebeth Friedman, a codebreaker working with the US Navy.

She’s the perfect person to help the kids with their codebreaking challenge, but she’s hard at work decoding secret messages from Nazi spies!

With a navy officer pressuring Elizebeth to work quickly and the Allied war efforts at risk, the kids could be in for more than they expected in Asha and Baz Meet Elizebeth Friedman!

Order Asha and Baz Meet Elizebeth Friedman

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