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Math Month Giveaway: Win The Math Kids Series

April is Math Month! What better way to honour this celebration than with a Math Kids giveaway?

The Math Kids Giveaway: Includes six books for readers age 8 to 12, grades 2 to 6 who love mystery, adventure, or math

The Math Kids is a middle-grade series that features four kids use their math and problem-solving skills to face adventure, mysteries, and challenges at school and beyond. It's the perfect series to prove that math is fun!

Enter The Math Month Giveaway

Enter to win the full collection of the Math Kids books—that's all six books, including the newest: The Math Kids: The Triangle Secret!

Giveaway: The complete The Math Kids series (books 1-6)

Beginning Date:4/5/2022 9:00 am EST

Closing Date:4/27/2022 12:00 am EST

Eligibility: open to residents of Canada excluding Quebec 18+

The Books

The Prime-Time Burglars

A Sequence of Events

An Unusual Pattern

In the debut book in the Math Kids series, Justin, Jordan, and Stephanie form the Math Kids Club to practise math and end up investigating a string of burglaries.

The Math Kids’ adventures continue when their new team member’s father is kidnapped.

A cryptic poem left by a bank robber launches the Math Kids into a new mystery.

An Encrypted Clue

An Incorrect Solution

The Triangle Secret

Secret writing in the margin of an old book gives the Math Kids a new puzzle to solve. But first, they must learn about codes and ciphers and how to solve them.

Between being split into two different classes, a teacher who hates math, and an angry police officer, fifth grade is off to a terrible start for the Math Kids.

To help their FBI friend investigate an eccentric billionaire’s death, the Math Kids must uncover the secrets of the great triangle.

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