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Common Deer Press 2022 Year in Review

This Common Deer Press 2022 Year in Review reflects the talented authors, illustrators, partners, and the Common Deer Press team who work so hard to create uncommon books for children and teens.

This is not a comprehensive list of all of the Common Deer Press accolades of the year. Rather a round-up of highlights.

Our Spring 2022 catalog brought forth new, dynamic titles like:

  • Lucy & Dee: The Silk Road by debut author Kirsten Marion

  • The Math Kids: The Triangle Secret (book 6 in series) by David Cole and Shannon O’Toole

Our Fall 2022 catalog received a warm welcome from early chapter book readers, middle-grade readers and young adult readers.

  • Asha and Baz Meet Mary Sherman Morgan (book 1 in series) by Caroline Fernandez and Dharmali Patel

  • Faded Glimpses of Time (book 2 in series) by Nyah Nichol

  • The Math Kids: A Knotty Problem (book 7 in series) by David Cole and Shannon O’Toole

Here is a round-up of the news and noteworthy events of 2022 for Common Deer Press…

New Deals

  • Asha and Baz Meet books 4-7

  • Iz The Apocalypse

  • The Math Kids books 10 - 12

Selection of 2022 Laurels

The Math Kids series

"Ably demonstrates finding thoughtful solutions for common problems." – Kirkus

  • Listed: The Math Kids: An Unusual Pattern included in the Get Litt! International Winter Reading Olympiad

  • Award: The Math Kids: The Triangle Secret - Purple Dragonfly Award 2022

  • The Math Kids: The Triangle Secret - Midwest Book Review

Asha and Baz Meet Mary Sherman Morgan

"Engages readers with a fantastical story while introducing them to new scientific concepts" - Top Grade, 49th Kids

  • Listed: 8 Books That Celebrate Inspiring Women - via 49th teachers

  • Listed: Top Grade CanLit for the Classroom

  • Listed: Globe and Mail Best Books

Faded Glimpses of Time

"An exciting whirlwind of science-fiction espionage for those who appreciate plot-driven stories" – Kirkus Reviews

  • #3 on amazon best sellers in time travel sci-fi books for young adults

  • Midwest Book Review

  • Kirkus Review

  • Foreword Review

Lucy & Dee The Silk Road

"Fantasy lovers will enjoy The Silk Road, an energetic adventure story replete with resilient young heroes who overcome their fears in an imaginative and compelling battle of good over evil." – CM: Canadian Review of Materials

  • Kirkus Review

  • Midwest Book Review

  • CM: Canadian Review of Materials

Just Watch Me

Just Watch Me is about more than just Simon’s technology class. It is about Simon, his friendships, and his family situation which is falling apart.” CM: Review of Materials

  • Just Watch Me author Erin Silver chosen for the 2023 The Canadian Children’s Book Centre (CCBC) book tour

The Girl from the Attic

"A nostalgic time capsule for the first decade of two successive centuries, The Girl from the Attic is a charming lesson in gratitude and what it means to live in the present." – Quill & Quire

  • Cloud Lake Literary Review

  • Lake WahWashKesh Conservation Association Review

  • Christine McFaul Review

The Adventures of Grandmasaurus at the Aquarium Rescue Centre

" a visit to a marine-animal–rescue facility, nothing to sneeze at" – Kirkus Reviews

  • Award: The Adventures of Grandamasaurus at the Aquarium Rescue Centre - Purple Dragonfly Award 2022


  • Kirsten Marion - truebookaholic

  • Kirsten Marion - Beyond The Pen

  • David Cole - Turning Readers Into Writers

  • Caroline Fernandez - zoomer radio

What’s on deck in 2023?

We are excited for the 2023 Common Deer Press book launches! On deck are new additions to popular existing series: Grandmasaurus, The Math Kids, Asha and Baz, and Lucy & Dee. As well, there is an exciting new title: Iz The Apocalypse on deck for young adult readers.

We are fortunate to work with incredible people who are as passionate about children and teen books as we are. Independent publishers work very hard to bring books to readers. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to bringing you more uncommon books in 2023.


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